During these uncertain times, a key advancement in our portfolio here at Industrial Refrigeration Services is the implementation of remote temperature/humidity monitoring. A monitoring system which can be installed within a couple of hours and accessed using cloud-based technology.

The monitoring software can capture vital temperature changes and alerts team members of interest via text and/or email. The software has its own platform, where users can view all sensors currently installed on-site, and gives clients a great overview of their systems, as well as peace-of-mind. 

Its key advantages are: 

- 24/7/365 monitoring and alarm – recording every 5 minutes

- Wireless, discrete devices that can be positioned/relocated within minutes 

- Full temperature traceability for both auditing and maintenance purposes 

- Once installed, it is good to go for up to 10 years

- No reliance on staff time, and accuracy of recordings 

- Fully expandable from 1 to 100+ devices

- Accessible from any smart device, with alerts as text or email 

As well as satisfying statutory requirements, the system will greatly reduce the amount of stock loss due to refrigeration failure, doors left open, and temperature doubt. To put it into perspective – the identification of a single walk-in fridge/freezer failure, before stock is lost, could save greatly more than the system cost. 

Many businesses will be going into 2021 focused on reducing their energy consumption and carbon footprint – our monitoring system allows organisations to do exactly this – it is also a great space-saving solution due to providing wireless sensing, logging and control from anywhere. The sensors are quick to install, use and maintain, and have a fantastic 10-year battery life; helping your company save on costs in the long-term. The software enables early detection of potential issues with equipment; helping save time and money. 

Overall, our monitoring solution measures temperature and humidity, tracks motions, monitors CO2 levels, sends data to users via mobile devices, and alarms users if necessary.

The system does not require any cables to set up, has great usability features such as being cloud-based and is accessible from any smart device, it is also easy to maintain as it does not require back-ups. 

Our valued client, a major Midland tourist attraction, have recently benefitted greatly from the implementation of the analytical system following a failure of one of their freezers. You can read more about how we helped in our latest case study here.

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Posted on 25/01/2021