Here at IRS, our popular Client Portal has recently undergone a wide range of beneficial updates to help ensure those who are registered are able to continue using the portal as seamlessly as possible.

Analytical Tracking

We have added accurate analytical tracking into the portal, in order to report to the IRS team which clients are using the client portal to help us better improve your experience. These analytics will generate weekly reports which highlight the list of all clients who have access to the portal, along with their last login date. It will also generate a monthly report which will show the above, as well as the amount of times clients have accessed the portal in the last 30 days. 

This will allow us to help guide clients through the portal who may need additional assistance.

Job Worksheet Report

Within the Job Worksheet Report section of the Client Portal, we have added the SR Number and Asset Number, which was requested from current clients using the system to be a benefit of the system when viewing the reports. 

Date Formats

A review of all date formats has been conducted throughout the full system to ensure that none are showing in an American format.

Refrigerant Usage Report

Within the Refrigerant Usage Report, we have included the different types of refrigerant within the graph as a different colour, after receiving valued customer feedback. In addition to this, totals have been added for the total refrigerant used per month – along with the engineer who completed the job, and a summary of the work carried out. 

Lastly, we have now linked job numbers within this section through to Job Worksheet Reports, which now also links through to the engineer training records and qualifications. 

Engineer List and Training Matrix

The development of a brand-new section within the Client Portal, in relation to all engineers of IRS, has now been completed. Here, all training records and qualifications can be showcased. ISO certifications will also be able to be viewed within this section too. 

Maintenance Reports

Within the current Maintenance Reports, we have added the SR Number as a new filter option. This means that all reports are able to be grouped by SR Number when a report is generated.

We have also added a filter to highlight if any reports include items which need attention, such as being flagged as poor or outstanding. This is to help Client Portal users easily see which equipment requires attention from the maintenance that has been undertaken. 

Equipment Lists

We have added some new fields to the current equipment lists: 

  • Cooling duty per asset 
  • Total cooling duty 
  • Total refrigerants within its category 

All Reports

We have now ensured that when you are scrolling through the various reports, the header titles are now static so as the longer reports get the ability to still easily know what data is being viewed. This will better improve your user experience.


The Client Portal now links a job number to the relevant worksheet preview. Here, you will see a more detailed list of the jobs completed for the invoice that has been generated.

We hope you continue to enjoy your Client Portal experience and enjoy it even more since our latest updates! If you haven’t already registered and like the sound of it, why not sign up today? Simply click here and complete the short form. If you have any questions, get in touch with our friendly team today.

Posted on 17/02/2020