IRS LTD are a key supplier to many critical business sectors, which in this unprecedented time require our support.

Through consultation with senior management, our valued clients and listening to government and industry advice, we have made the calculated decision to continue working in critical areas detailed below;


  • Food, storage, processing and distribution 
  • Server and Data Centres 
  • Labs / Pharmaceutical Areas
  • Testing / Research Facilities 
  • Utilities / Manufacturing
  • Hospital and Care Units

Works within above Sectors: 

  • Servicing to refrigeration / air conditioning equipment
  • Reactive support to business-critical items
  • Maintenance to critical refrigeration systems and plant
  • Maintenance to business-critical rooms
  • Installation of critical refrigeration equipment
  • Installation of business-critical items

The safety and well-being of our team, clients and wider community are paramount, and we do not wish to expose anyone to any unnecessary risk by doing non-essential work or work in a sector that is not key during this period. All work will be assessed on a case by case basis. We have a separate guideline document, which addresses site specific visits.

Our team have been briefed with regular updates and followed health and safety guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety through these challenging times.

We sincerely thank all staff for fulfilling their duties and providing a key role in keeping things moving during this time.

Best Wishes and Stay Safe

Mark, Trevor, Dan and Ian

Posted on 01/04/2020