Industrial Refrigeration Services Ltd have developed specialist energy surveillance solutions to help large food manufacturers plan for a greener future with a reduced carbon footprint and energy cost savings.

Bromsgrove based Industrial Refrigeration Services Ltd (IRS Ltd), have announced their new energy surveillance solutions as part of their focus towards reducing costs from cooling and heating systems. Their dedication to reducing energy costs by this unique service further demonstrations their commitment to green issues and supports their ISO 14001 accreditation which they achieved earlier this year.

Mark Parsons, Managing Director at IRS Ltd explains how the new solution is designed to bring about new thinking within the industry, “Particularly large food manufacturing facilities who have large costs associated with cooling and heating systems will benefit from our new energy surveillance which will give a true insight into where the costs are coming from. Often looking at the whole picture gives us a better understanding of the impact of each system, where simple changes can make a big difference”.

Mark adds “Often legacy systems have been added onto and poor efficiency can arise through uninsulated pipework and poorly maintained machinery. Where possible we always like to enhance free cooling from ambient ventilation and harnessing heat displacement to reduce building heating costs. Any business which has high cooling and heating costs will benefit from our new energy surveillance solutions, where smart thinking can save thousands of pounds each year!”

By building the new energy surveillance solutions into their service portfolio, IRS Ltd are using their 25 years’ experience within the industry to provide a long term energy cost saving framework for their customers.

For more information about the new energy surveillance solutions, email or telephone 01527 577999.

Posted on 15/06/2016