The new year has started - do you need to refresh your equipment?

As the year begins, you will notice that your team are reenergised and productive (hopefully!), as well as settling into their daily tasks without issue. But there may be one member in the room who is a little noisier than usual, or not performing to expectations. You guessed it – your air conditioning and refrigeration systems. 

The holidays may have made them relax a bit too much due to poor maintenance, or simply just being a year older. Good maintenance can help ensure you’re not returning to a costly surprise in the new year. If you’re not quite sure what’s going on with your air conditioning and/or refrigeration systems – there are a range of things you can do. 

Moaning about having to get back to work? 

You will hear a few moans and groans throughout the workplace in the first few weeks back, with everyone getting back to normality – but this should not be coming from your air conditioning or refrigeration units. If you start to notice your systems are making strange noises, it would be best for safety to investigate further.

All feeling a bit tense? 

No one likes going from being slouched on the sofa, to suddenly being back sat in their office chair. The lack of movement can sometimes be felt for your ac and refrigeration systems too. Is it feeling too hot? Too cold? This is another sign your system may need some TLC!

Exhausted in general? 

People usually feel pretty tired when they first return to work as they slowly fall back into their routine. However, the same should not be said about your energy bills. Have they sky-rocketed since you’ve been back? It may be time to reconsider your appliances. 

You may have read this and thought, “my systems are working just fine”, which is great! However, you may have read this and suddenly felt your stomach flip. You can get in touch with our team of experts, whether you are certain you need a visit, or simply a bit unsure. It’s always best to be on the safe side. We can then visit your workplace to assess the situation – we can also do a compliance analysis whist we’re there, to ensure your workplace and systems are on the right side of the law. 

The new year is a great time to start organising what needs to be done in the coming months, to ensure the rest of 2020 runs smoothly. Your air conditioning and refrigeration units should always be added to your list. Doing this can help ensure you have a safe and efficient workplace, and can also save you money in the short, and long term! 

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Posted on 15/01/2020