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Have you received a few complaints in the past about your guests’ hotel room being too hot or too cold, or your visitors not enjoying the temperature of the water in your swimming pool? Good energy management will help you ensure your guests are at their optimal comfort throughout the winter, when it’s needed most – as well as your energy bills. 

Did you know, hotels just like yours can benefit from high-quality air conditioning, to provide air of consistent temperatures, and efficient climate control? Our services can help your hotel from the room on the highest floor, to the walk-in chillers and freezers in the kitchen. Not only this, but we are also more than aware that a fantastic hotel is used for so much more than offering guests a luxurious and restful nights sleep. Our wide range of services also benefit function rooms to ensure visitors can enjoy their event… sweat or shiver free! We can also ensure the correct heat pumps have been installed throughout your hotel, including in swimming pools. 

Two of the top complaints hotels receive are to do with heating and water. Our team of highly-qualified experts are more than happy to head to your hotel and assess your current situation. From this, we will be able to create a climate control and refrigeration management solution bespoke to your exact requirements. This also includes ensuring the solution works best for your budget too.

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Air Conditioning


Energy Management 

Turnkey Projects

Understanding the needs of your guests is so important for hotels, and simple things like heating and water can sometimes get hidden amongst superb service. We are here to think about these things for you, so you can get on with what you enjoy most about your role. You take care of your guests, and we’ll take care of you.

Is your hotel compliant? 

Here at IRS, we have extensive knowledge of legislation, including F-Gas regulations, refrigerant phase out, and TM44 inspections of air conditioning; helping businesses stay compliant across the region. Regulation EN378 dictates the maximum size of refrigeration systems, including refrigerant-based air conditioning, and states the specification for refrigeration systems and heat pumps. 

Under EN378 standards, hotels are considered a Category A within Occupancy Categories. This means the maximum allowable refrigerant concentration level is 0.44kg/m³. Other requirements include having Leak Detection installed and permanently operational in affected spaces, as well as providing a visual and audible alarm to alert occupants. These are all things which our team can assess, and implement if necessary, to keep your hotel compliant. 

To find out more about our services, and how they could help you, why not get in touch with us today? Alternatively, you can read up on what we have done for other hotels over on our case studies page here.

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Posted on 12/11/2019