Through specialist Energy SurveillanceSolutions, Industrial Refrigeration Services LTD (IRS) are providing long term strategies to reduce the carbon footprint in cold storage and distribution networks.

IRS who were awarded the ISO 14001 accreditation earlier this year are continuing to develop their service to ensure energy efficiency, with the aim of supporting carbon footprint reduction. Already a well-known leader in industrial refrigeration solutions, cooling systems and air conditioning, providing support to organisations with cold storage capabilities and distribution has become a key focus.

The new energy surveillance solutions by IRS has been well received by cold storage facilities as energy costs are classically high and legacy cooling systems often incur high maintenance costs. Looking at cold storage as part of the whole heating and cooling of a building allows heat transfer to be assessed, pipe installation to be reviewed and ambient air cooling to be harnessed wherever possible.

Mark Parsons, Managing Director at IRS Ltd explains “Reducing the carbon footprint in cold storage facilities with energy reduction initiatives requires in-depth monitoring with our experienced engineers. A holistic view over the whole facility allows us to provide a long term roadmap for the reduction of energy consumption.” Mark adds “The partnership we form with our customers allows them to form a corporate environmental statement which is committed to the green issues of carbon footprint reduction.”

Cold storage safety, documentation and compliance are all carefully considered by the team at IRS. With over 25 years in the industry, their knowledge regarding refrigerants such as F-Gas and R22 phase out are unsurpassed. Their green philosophy to reduce greenhouse gases and energy usage raises their profile beyond just providing cooling systems, becoming an ambassador for safeguarding the environment.

For more information about improving energy efficiency in cold storage and distribution facilities, email or telephone 01527 577999.

Posted on 31/10/2016