Discover how our team helped support a fantastic cause.

Through NewStarts, we discovered that just £2 per month could feed a family for three days, and that £5 per month could provide a bedroom for one child. Not only this, but we also discovered that £25 per month could furnish a whole house for a family. NewStarts is a charity who donate money and goods to help reach the needs of local people. They exist to assist people during moments of crisis, and then help them towards a stronger, more positive and happier future. 

Since Christmas was approaching, we thought it would be nice for the IRS team to help support the fantastic charity, plus it meant we could help local people. Understanding how little could help families, children, and people so much, motivated us to help. 

We got the team together and everyone collected and donated food which we then handed over to NewStarts, who will then go on to give these items to people who need it most. We felt that Christmas is the perfect time for giving, and we wanted to ensure that what we gave, was going to make the lives of people a little easier at such a cold, busy time of year. 

In total, we donated: 

- Noodle pots
- Pasta
- Jar sauces
- Packet rice
- Sweet treats
- Tea bags
- Soup
- Baked beans
- Desserts 
- Cereal
- Canned fruit and veg
- Plus much more!

Thank you to the IRS team who have contributed to the support of such a worthwhile charity.
This was a great opportunity to bring the team together at the end of a very busy year and helped remind us all of what is most important at Christmas time. If you would like to get involved with helping a local charity, head on over to the NewStarts website here.

Posted on 27/01/2020