Industrial Refrigeration Service Ltd found Energy surveillance was the first step in assessing what energy savings could be made at one of our customer’s sites, with the ‘the Basement’ identified as the first area to be scrutinised.

IRS have developed a simple, yet comprehensive means of measuring temperatures and electrical energy usage, which clearly demonstrates what the current situation is and a possible solution.


  • Energy efficiency review of basement area
  • Study highlighted many areas could be improved
  • Utilisation of Fresh Air (Free Cooling)
  • Ensure appropriate areas are insulated to conserve energy
  • Thousands of pounds saved from day one 


There are five main areas in the Basement including the Plantroom (15% of the area), Stockroom (70% of the area), Electrical switch/panel room (5% of the area), Sub station (5% of the area) and the stairwell (5% of area).

Although the initial review of energy efficiency was to focus on the stockroom, which is currently controlled at 12.5°c by means of two refrigeration systems, it was clear right from the start that all areas could benefit from a detailed review.  


It is estimated that total savings in the first year to be nearly £16,000 where investment is needed to initiate energy efficiency, with annual total savings estimated to be nearly £28,000. This does not include the potential saving on breakdown of refrigeration equipment due to the vastly reduced running hours.


To retrieve the current conditions, temperature and electrical current probes were attached to each refrigeration system and temperature probes within the store and on the outside wall. Surprisingly the survey revealed that the heat load and refrigeration capacity of one of the two systems appears completely matched within the period measured.  

Download a copy of the case study here

Why choose IRS?

IRS Ltd (Industrial Refrigeration Services Limited) are experts in energy management, embracing all aspects of industrial and commercial users of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat exchange systems.

For one of our customers we were able to save thousands of pounds from day one, through undergoing an energy efficiency review and ensuring appropriate areas are insulated to conserve energy.

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