The IRS team were recently called out for a refrigeration project at a major Midlands tourist attraction, where their main walk-in freezer had failed due to an intermittent fault (black line on graph). The failure occurred during the night, so was not identified till the next morning – in which time, all the stock had unfortunately perished. 


Therefore, the IRS team recommended the installation of a wireless monitoring software, in order to manage their refrigeration systems in a cost-effective, energy-saving manner. We chose to install this system as it gives our team, and our client, full visibility of the operation of the installation, and sends SMS and/or email alerts to relevant stakeholders. Post-installation, our client agreed that temperature monitoring/alarm could have prevented their stock loss, so were delighted to have found a solution. 


The IRS team also recognised that the second walk-in freezer was operating at 2°C higher than recommended. Both fixes were carried out within 15 minutes during a maintenance visit, at no additional cost to the client. The complete tracking of temperatures allows us to identify any trends that could either be detrimental to the product and/or wasted costs in energy. 


Within days of re-instating the failed freezer, we were able to determine that the defrost cycles were too frequent and by halving them, they could save £280 per annum at no detriment to operation control. This would have never been identified during normal checks and could easily have been the case for the last 15 years (£4,200). 

**A single access point will cover a large kitchen/restaurant. Additional access points can be added for units in remote locations. 

Typically, a 2-point system would be less than £1,000, including installation and on-site training. Additional sensors are typically less than £200. 

The system is very much plug and play, however, may need permissions on your network to be setup by your IT department. 


The system comprises of: 

  • Fully waterproof wireless sensors
  • RJ45 Access Point (an option for 4G Router is available where IT access is an issue). Unlimited amount of sensors per access point**
  • Sensor Licenses
  • Data SIM if 4G router is used
  • All cloud-based software is included