The IRS team were required to help an unnamed hotel, which is part of a popular hotel chain in London, with a vital turnkey project. During the project, we were required to overcome a wide range of obstacles; meaning this was not your average service repair. Find out more about what we did in September 2019 below.


The popular hotel's VRV system had lost system pressure, following pressure testing in sections due to complexity of system, the pressure loss was identified from the pipework section between the condenser and the main BC Controller. 

Serious Issues

Due to the complexity of the pipework, and it running underground from the compound building, we were required to work early morning shifts to ensure minimum disruption to guests. We also organised a temporary diversion, as well as using a temporary pedestrian and vehicle bridge during normal working hours to ensure the safety of others.


The resolution was to replace the refrigeration pipework from the main BC Control Box to the condenser - through the underground route. Within the trench, we installed the new pipework, and pressure tested the new section - prior to being placed in a protective plastic sleeve, and filled in. 


This exciting project was not your average service repair. Due to the pipework being underground, and the road being required to be dug up - this project made use of our Turnkey solutions, which you can find out more about here.

Why choose IRS?

IRS provide refrigeration and air conditioning services in order to improve the reliability and efficiency of monitors and systems. Through this we as a company install and test all equipment to make sure the best solutions are chosen for the best cost savings.

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