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Date Published:
May 9, 2024

Maintaining the perfect climate is crucial when working in the Cold Storage & Distribution sector or the Food, Drink & Confectionary industry.

At IRS, we understand that your priority is product quality, employee safety, and staying compliant with regulations. With over 40 years of experience, we deliver tailored industrial air conditioning solutions to meet your business's unique needs, no matter how complex your operations may be.

Why industrial air conditioning matters

Precise temperature control isn't just a nice to have; it’s essential for ensuring everything runs smoothly. Here’s why:

1. For those in cold storage and distribution, the slightest temperature fluctuations can compromise the quality and safety of your products. Our air conditioning systems ensure consistent temperatures and humidity levels to prevent spoilage and maintain high-quality standards.

2. Food and beverage storage is subject to strict regulations, and our systems ensure that your facility meets the rigorous standards required for compliance.

3. Managing temperature efficiently reduces energy consumption, ultimately helping you lower costs and boost your bottom line.

4. In industries like confectionary production, keeping a comfortable working environment reduces fatigue and ensures everyone stays safe.

Tailored solutions for cold storage & distribution

Cold storage facilities and distribution centres demand rapid cooling, precise humidity control, and temperature consistency. We get it. Our team listens to your specific needs and designs bespoke air conditioning systems that deliver:

Temperature consistency

Eliminate hot spots and keep temperatures even across the entire facility with our solutions.

Rapid recovery

When temperatures spike, our systems recover quickly to keep everything within safe, stable limits.

Energy efficiency

Using innovative designs, our systems save energy without compromising on performance.

Reliable climate control for food, drink & confectionary

In the Food, Drink & Confectionary sector, maintaining strict temperature and humidity levels is critical to keeping products fresh and extending shelf life. Our systems help you achieve:

Precision control

Accurate climate control to protect sensitive products and ensure optimal conditions.

Sanitation & safety

Systems designed with hygiene standards in mind, keeping your facility clean and compliant.


Modular solutions that can be adapted as your production lines change.

Let's talk about solutions

If you're looking for reliable, efficient, and innovative industrial air conditioning solutions in the Cold Storage & Distribution and Food, Drink & Confectionary sectors, give IRS a call. 

Our team is ready to chat about your unique requirements and find the perfect climate control solution for your operations.

Contact us here or reach out to us directly. 

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