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At the beginning of 2024 we partnered with Treeapp in an attempt to reduce our carbon footprint.

We believe that this we help us on our journey towards being a more sustainable organisational and help us to achieve one of our long term objectives of being carbon neutral.

We’re proud to plant trees with Treeapp, a leading global tree planting organisation operating sites across the world. With a dedication to reforest our planet, their work spans across 4 continents, having reforestation projects across 15+ countries with a specific focus on countries where they’re most needed.

Treeapp is committed to supporting projects which show a tangible impact for people and the planet, with each project supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We're truly committed to making a positive impact on our planet in everything we do. We're super excited to be part of Treeapp's tree planting initiative and join forces in planting trees together!

We are committed to planting one tree for every invoice we raise throughout the whole of 2024, and you can keep track of this by using the widget at the bottom of this page!

"We are thrilled to announce a partnership with IRS Ltd and TreeApp. IRS Ltd has made an impressive start to its tree planting pledge and planted 913 trees so far in 2024.  With The TreeApp's innovative platform and local expertise we continue to increase our positive impact in regions all over the globe, where our collective efforts will not only absorb future CO2 but also create native habitats, ensuring a positive impact on local communities. This partnership marks a significant stride towards our shared vision of a greener, more sustainable future, one tree at a time.

We're very excited to be part of IRS's sustainability journey and to watch their impact grow

Richard Muggeridge
Corporate Partnerships Manager

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