A fresh approach to long term energy management

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new Energy Surveillance Solutions, specifically designed to help customers reduce their carbon footprint and dramatically reduce their energy costs.

Our experienced Technical Specialist review your current cooling and heating systems with detailed analysis using both onsite and offsite remote monitoring. A full status report gives actual performance and a unique insight into energy flow, heat transfer and output. Our bespoke solution provides a long term strategy for energy management and cost savings…..

Harness free energy with cooling from ambient ventilation were possible

Recycle heat displaced by machinery to reduce building heating costs

Effective insulation of pipework

Reductions in CO2 

Payback forecasting for long term strategic energy management

The new energy surveillance solutions by IRS have been well received by cold storage facilities as energy costs are classically high and legacy cooling systems often incur high maintenance costs. Looking at cold storage as part of the whole heating and cooling of a building allows heat transfer to be assessed, pipe installation to be reviewed and ambient air cooling to be harnessed wherever possible.

Delivering our new Energy Surveillance Solutions is a team with over 25 years’ experience in industrial refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

To book a visit from our Technical Specialist, please call 01527 577999, alternatively email info@irs.co.uk.

Value Add Services

  • 24-7-365

  • IRS Electronic Reporting

  • SFG20

  • F-Gas Management

  • Refrigeration Appreciation Training

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The new Client Portal is great, really good for looking up items & finding out information on what we use.

R Tooze, Facilities Manager , From one of the UK's most popular family attractions

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